Want to Erase Those Wrinkles? Luminique Customer Service has a Proven Solution!

While browsing for anti aging creams, there are many factors you need to consider. For instance, most women simply go for the big brands even taking a look at the ingredients in the formulation. This is a wrong tendency. Before you apply anything on your face, you have every right to enquire about what ingredients you are exposing your skin to. You also need to ensure if the formulation has been clinically tested and is safe for use on sensitive skin. The product must also help you fight multiple signs of aging like the Age Defying Complex from Luminique.

There are many factors that make the Age Defying Complex a unique product. This multi-purpose moisturizer works great for day and night use. It is the only skincare brand that features TriSome Plus Complex – a unique blend of powerful marine botanicals and plant enzymes. Marine botanicals are sourced from plants that thrive deep down on ocean floors, braving exposure to UV rays, toxicity and drastic fluctuation in temperatures.

Skin renewal enzymes obtained from algae extracts, surface marine water and deep sea plants replenish your skin with moisture and nutrients, keeping it soft, smooth, healthy and glowing. According to Luminique customer service, these enzymes also feature a specially designed liposome delivery system that helps deposit ingredients exactly where it needs to be on the skin. Liposome encapsulated enzymes improve the visible signs of healthy skin to make you look youthful and radiant. Different ingredients in the TriSome Plus Complex work together to make your skin firmer and your skin tone more even. Being free of parabens, the dermatologist tested formulation works great for all skin types.

To try the Age Defying Complex and experience its fantastic anti aging benefits, get in touch with Luminique customer service today at http:/luminique.com/ and place your orders for the complete range of age defying skincare.

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